McDonald’s – India

Would I survive this?

I totally respect that, but I’m NOT lovin’ it!

Thanks Yousef B. 😉

12 responses to “McDonald’s – India

  1. Can we see the menu please?

  2. lol…no beef?! no way!!!!

  3. cuz wayed ehnood deyanat.hum matesma7lehum, o shakla el owner menhum!:D

  4. I went to a McDonald’s in India when they first opened and they were shocked when I asked why they didn’t have a quarter pounder 😛

    @Purg: the rest of the menu is pretty much the same, chicken and veggie burger and fillet of fish.

  5. its a religious thing for them about Beef. The worship some mammels and eating them is considered great sin. thats why Mcdonalds will be 100% vegian in India. and frankly I think it wont survive only when they start NonVeg Menu! 😀

  6. I am not sure I understand what they mean by “The Right of Entry”?

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