My little sister told us once that there is something about the number, 27!

This number pops up everywhere she looks…. at least (YES! AT LEAST) once a day!

She would look at the time and it would be xx:27

She turns on the TV and there it is… the temperature in the weather forecast is 27

She would have a conversation with a someone she just met, and she’ll be like “How old are you?” the person would answer “27”

She buys a jeans… whats the total price? KD27!

I can go on and on about it…. she thought she was alone! The 27-everywhere-syndrome!

And then…. one day I meet Ahmed (who designed my new logo) and he branded his car and artwork with the number 27 – also he keeps the reason of his love to the number private, it is still there! 27!

Maryam, one of The Proteges I met last year – same story! The number 27! It does not stop there, she tells me the same story with one of the mentors in the program, Mr. Yarub!!!

I googled it and came across this blog (link)

He posts (to the right side) 27 pictures about the number 27!!!

Oh and there is a Facebook group (link) called 27!!, its everywher!!

If this these things apply to u PLS join this group..

  1. Your favourite number is 27!!
  2. If your born on the 27th..
  3. If you have been haunted by this number your whole life and hav no possible reason y..
  4. Or by reading this you have come to l0ve the number 27 just the way i hav my wh0le life!!

Side Note: Would’ve been cooler if they listed 27 points though 😛

So whats up 27? Whats the deal?

Are you like the number 23??? 😛


22 responses to “27

  1. lol, I did not think it’s gonna haunt u like this.
    the secret is in what 27 stands for and means. Yes on the outside it’s a number but I don’t see it as so 🙂 it is very obvious that i love the number 27, it’s all over my art and website too 😀 and yes .. I see it everyday.

  2. Lol! Ana personally i never noticed niether 27 nor 23! But i guess ill be paying more attention now thats very interesting!

  3. hmmm
    well i’ve always been haunted by 717… or rather the number 17

    i see it every where…. and i was born on 17 July (717) but i thought i was the only one who saw the numbers that way and well kept quite about it but if u ask me i will tell u that 7 is my favourite number…

    i guess it’s the not the 27 per say… it’s the 7 in the 27

    i once read an article about the significance of number 7… god created earth in 7 days, we have 7 days per week, there is something about atoms being in 7 rounds or something, the colours of the rainbow are 7, the number of disks in the spines of all mammals, from humans to giraffes are 7, the wonders of the world are 7, the number of musical notes are 7… i think also the number of doors to heaven are 7 if i am not mistaken and so on…

  4. I look for the number 9

  5. My name is Dana, I’m 27 years old…….LOL

  6. As I was reading this… I look at my clock and it says xx:52… so no 27 doesn’t signify any thing to me… however… 13 is my favorite number I just don’t know why? I like the number. :p

  7. OMG! :O
    This happens to me everyday but i always see the number 64

  8. To me the number 7and 17 are every where around me and my husband we met on 17/7, we got married on the 7th most of our travel dates are 7or 17 . In many appartments we lived on the 7th floor or appartment number 7 . Our son graduated on the 7th of July (7) . We lived in 7 different areas or countries (so far ) , and it goes on and on and on …..

  9. Awwwww Ansam! I love this post! Everything about it! I’m born on Feb 27 and I’ve never heard anything like this before!! I LOVE my number! 😀

  10. Wow LOVED ur post!!
    I thought for a while about 27, but never had experience with it!;p
    The only thing I remembered is I know someone Birthday on 27th of Jan, and I just met someone who’s birthday on 27th of Feb.. Thats all so far;p

  11. Maryam AlOmani

    I truly loved the post ;D. You know I am so in to this number “27”. My love to it is a mystery, I think I am gonna write a story about it ;p

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