Kuwait’s 1st Social Media Forum – Day I

I was invited by Zain to attend Kuwait’s 1st Social Media Forum. Yesterday was the first day of the forum, which will last for four days and I will try to update you as much as I can…

The MC of the day was Mr. Omar AlOthman (@OmarAlothman)- very charismatic (even Mr. AlMutawa who took his place afterwards).

The event was fruitful and I enjoyed it so much… they talked about the social media tools, focusing mostly on Twitter.

We had many guest speakers for the day… Mr. Abdulrazag AlMutawa (@Razag_AlMutawa) and Mr. Nasser AlMutawa (@NasserAlmutawaa) – who both singled me out from the audience! That was hilarious and funny in the same time (Thank you guys) – I could not stop laughing for a minute or two LOL

They also played a short movie made by Zain team about Social Media… was kinda cool 🙂

Later on more guest speakers got on stage after the break; Ms. Haya AlShatti (@hayaalshatti), Mr. Abdullah Boftain (@AbdullahBoftain), Mr. Abdulwahab AlEssa (@Awahab_Alessa), Dr. Abdullah AlMutawa (@DrAlmutawa), and Dr. Sajed AlAbdali (@DrSajed)

It was very interesting to hear different points of views, pros and cons, experiences, and much more!

Many of them gave examples of how useful Twitter is, specially with the weather crisis the day before – how some people stuck on the road got saved!

Every single speaker had his/her own way but all of’em were easy on the ears!

Thank you Mr. Mohammed AlMuhaini, of Zain, for inviting me to the event and providing me with the pictures 🙂

For updates, check out #KWSocial on twitter 😉

8 responses to “Kuwait’s 1st Social Media Forum – Day I

  1. Perfect ! i was also invited but could not attend due to NBK walkathon
    will do my best to attend today ;/

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  3. Nice ! 😉 will follow them on twitter
    Nice to see you there Ansam 🙂

  4. Thanks For The Coverage Ansam ,, Hope To see like this event in the Future

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