Khawala… You Will Be Missed!

Khawla Ahmed AlSumait… Passed away last week! I was close to her and will always remember her smiley face. She is remembered by many for her kindness, hard work, and dedication to her family! She will be missed!

Khawla…May you rest in peace

اللهم اغفر لخولة أحمد السميط وارحمها و واعفو عنها

5 responses to “Khawala… You Will Be Missed!

  1. she will be missed indeed ;***
    thank u Ansam

  2. الله يرحمها ويوسع منازلها ،،،خوله بقلوبنا

  3. She’ll always be in our hearts 😦
    Allah yer7amha ebra7mita !

  4. الله يرحمها يارب ويجعل قبرها روضة من رياض الجنه ويصبر أمها ويمسح على قلب أمها

  5. Amen… thanks everyone 🙂

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