What was your favorite 1980s’ songs? (Arabic & English)

ما هي أحلى و أفضل الأغاني العربية و الأجنبية أيام الثمانينات؟

14 responses to “1980s’

  1. Thriller: Michael Jackson, The Grendizer theme song, and many more! 😀

  2. I Do Luv the 80’s ❤

  3. I love Grendizer’s as well! ITS TOTALLY AWESOME!

  4. 80’s Any favorite songs? From that era hehehe

  5. hmm aint nobody , careless whisper

  6. ooh i loved Thriller.. Habiba (Sultanees and the one of Hameed Al-Sha3eri)..

  7. kel aghany Madona ,, walla ayaam lama habeena nalbes nafs’ha
    o Nabil sh3eel sharee6 ya shams .. Abdulla ruwished sharee6 dalal o emdalelek o a3teb 3aleeh .. alllaaaaah wala ayaam o Abdulmajeed awal share6 1987 , o 3abdelkareem sharee6 ma as3ebek
    lool walla kent fannana haha

  8. The best 80’s song and one of my favourites has to be “Billie Jean” by Michael Jackson

  9. i loooove 80’s
    i love time after time cyndi lauper
    and befor that allll abba bee gees song’s

  10. Just mashup all the rock band songs and you get my list.

  11. Push it – Salt n Peppa.

  12. MJ Thriller Album

  13. I loved who’s that girl by Madonna ! my mom used to wake me up on it ! it’s cuz I really loved the cartoonic video of it !

  14. Thank you all for your feedback 🙂 I will keep you posted 😉

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