Spotted: Sugarcane Juice in Syria

While in Syria I spotted a juice vendor selling Sugarcane Juice (عصير قصب – Aseer Asab), which brought back old memories!! I haven’t had sugarcane juice since for ever!

It is made by pressing juicer (in the machine above) when you place your order to ensure freshness…. the juice that comes out is greenish yellow – it taste sweet (of course) but not too sweet as the name suggests 😉 It is also refreshing

As advertised on their machine, it is supposed to be very good for your health; strengthening your liver, giving instant energy to your body (Oh yeah), helps in digestion, stimulates the blood circulation, and prevents atherosclerosis.

Price tag? SYP75 (around 450 fils)

10 responses to “Spotted: Sugarcane Juice in Syria

  1. salem alhasawi

    اسأل مجرب ولاتسأل طبيب في الحقيقة وايد وايد عجيب لايطوفكم

  2. U get this Q8 too… at LULU Hypermarket in Shuwaikh

  3. BTW there is a place in Hawally where they serve it to you fresh…

  4. Where exactly in Hawally??? Please can u let me know. Thanx.

  5. I will try my best to explain… 😛

    when you enter Hawally from King Fahad Highway (1st entrance) go straight to old GUST Roundabout and turn left, then go straight and take a right at the next Roundabout, then go straight until you reach the Alkurd Roundabout (where they sell all SHISHA stuff) and take it straight, then after a few meters take the first left and you will find the place on your left… its a small place looks like a ba8ala from the outside…

    BTW the last time i went they serve it to us in a glass not a paper cup so you have to drink it on site… Hope that helps and enjoy… 🙂

  6. Surgacane juice is also available next to the Jabriya Coop for 350 fils a cup

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