Bakdash… Again & Again & Again!

While in Syria, I went to Bakdash (بكداش) almost daily! The staff recognized me every time I go – as a matter of fact, I go pay at the cashier… and the guys who make the booza made me skip the line (shhhhhh! Dont tell anyone please)! Seriously 😉 They would just ask me to come quietly and get my token and prepare my booza in no time!!

I really felt that despite their LARGE crowd, they still recognized loyal customer (ahem :-P) and those guys at the entrance who make salep (sahlab – سحلب) gave me a free drink once too 😉

Oh and one day, I was given extra treat on top – lemon and strawberry mini scoop on top of my regular order of booza 😀

I could not help but think of Pinkberry every time I went to Bakdash to order booza! Not because it taste the same! I am talking about the crowd!!

Now how many times you saw those long waiting lines at Pinkberry? (link)

Thats my argument! Its more crowded (and more chaotic) at Bakdash in Hameediya, yet you manage to go pay at the cashier, get your token, and then pick up your booza in NO TIME (even though I have made my way through connections) – in the beginning, when I was a newbie there :-P, the whole thing would take 2-3 mins max! Two people at the cashier, and like four making booza with a large crowd! I am telling you, the place is PACKED all the time (mashallah)!

Anyways, you can check my previous post about Bakdash here!

6 responses to “Bakdash… Again & Again & Again!

  1. aaaaaaaaah Ansam looking at the pix, you made me think of going to Syria again 😉 The best Booza ever … I cant agree more!
    Pinkberry??? Everytime I “think” of buying a scoop and then looking at the cue/queue, I change my mind! I hate to wait for a long time for an ice-cream, while in Bakdash, despite the huge crowd you get your ice-cream within max 1 minute 🙂 Ahhhhh ya Bakdaaaaaaaash ya a7la Booza ❤

  2. Have you tried the Bakdaaash in Kuwait..? Their icecream is very nice… You know i went to Syria before but you made me wanna go again and take all your pics and places and try them out, hope you enjoyed your trip…

  3. booza > ice-cream
    i wish we had some good places here in kuwait

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