I Like – Madly Yours

I only trust few few people to do my makeup for that I opt for simple looks but elegant in the same time… one of my friends, Lamia, is an excellent example! She knows my features very well… and I trust her! I swear I would just sit back and relax and let her do the works! I would tell her what I am wearing and she would do her magical touches – picture perfect!

She introduced Madly Yours makeup to me a while back… and ever since I got hooked up on some certain products!

Later on… we had the Madly Yours team come to our house in cooperation with Lamia -who organized the whole thing- for makeup session/tips and it was so much fun 😉 We invited our friends to the event and it was just great (link) – very private and cozy gathering 😉

So in this post I am planning to take you on a virtual tour with me in Madly Yours store 😉

The display of makeup is such a tease.. you wanna try anything and everything!

Shabby chic furniture with lots and lots of colors and items to browse through….

The staff there will help you apply makeup, pick the right colors for your skin tones, and let you try as many products as possible!

There are powder mixes that you can choose from, and then have them save it in the records for you to come next time and have it ready 😉

They also have many many shades of lipsticks… I like their red one, I think its called Foxy 😉

Not to mention the wide range of eye shadows they have… in nudes, naturals, colors, and glitters too

Body spray-ons if you wanna get rid of your nylons 😉

I’m telling you! There is something for everyone 😉 Most of our friends who attended the session got hooked-on on at least one item/product of Madly Yours

For me? I love their Mineral Sheer Matte Bronzer in Sunkissed, Their Dual Powder in Warm Yellow, Mineral Sheer Tint SPF 20 in Beach Glow, and Photo Touch Foundation in Cameo Beige ❤ Oh and their red foxy lipstick… which I’m out of at the moment 😉

I love their packaging too ❤

The store is located in Al Qibla Area in Kuwait City in the Behbehani Villas Complex (behind the church). Madly Yours is on the first floor of Beit Al Mazzar, Villa 17 – Tel# 22466572.

9 responses to “I Like – Madly Yours

  1. I want the bags!

  2. I love their products!!! Now that I think about it…I need to revamp my makeup kit ;p

  3. fee ashyaa’ tshaawig bss sara7aa ilmukan mayshaaji3 killish !!! very hot o ilproducts thaybaa ! ilmakeup mayabila mukan chithy

  4. I love it ! Its all minerals 🙂 Best foundations ever

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