Recommended – Ultimate Choowy Dough Cookie

This amazing creation is available at 52 Degrees‘s Choowy Goowy Cafe 😉

It was first introduced to me by Noufa…

I loved it so much – We went again in less than a week to have another one with Luluscious

Its soft… its chewy, and it really is gooey! We ordered it with nutella chocolate filling and its just fabulous – and absolute tease for your taste buds!

6 responses to “Recommended – Ultimate Choowy Dough Cookie

  1. 7abeebaaat qalbiiiii hal dough

  2. had the one filled with Kinder a few hours ago … it was good but kinda still on the fence … have a post coming soon re: the meal and my favorite dish at Choowy Goowy which might surprise all of Kuwait 😛

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