Please Kuwait… Don’t Turn Hello Kitty To Another Tweety!


I never liked tweety…. never was a fan! So when the Tweety craze started in Kuwait (stickers on cars, Ts, key chains, bags…etc) I hated the poor bird even more!

And now.. Hello Kitty!!! She was my childhood toy! They are turning her into another Tweety! Please stop that!

Oh and whats up with Superman hoodies and Ts? Why all of a sudden everyone is wearing those now too? I started noticing them when I tweeted about it back in December… Its when I saw two girls walking together in Superman hoodies. First thing that popped into my mind is that they work in a store and that’s their dress code… but then I saw kids, adults, teens, girls, boys… all wearing it! What’s up with that now?

14 responses to “Please Kuwait… Don’t Turn Hello Kitty To Another Tweety!

  1. Its a trend, Hello Kitty will always be a trend.

    There is a Hello Kitty Hospital in Japan. Me as male I would love to visit it one day LOL! 😛

  2. It’s too late. Hello Kitty is the new Tweety already. 😛

    A9lan min kithir ma i heard the Kuwaiti pronunciation of Tweety, when I hear the English version I feel like they’re 2 different characters.

  3. e wallah I remember the tweety fever lawa3aw chboodna feh and every little girl used to be called “Tweety” as a nickname … aghghghgh

  4. i hate it when someone copy me…but wen ur here in kuwait its totally acceptable…everybody likes what u like everybody wears wat u wear but no one can have a collection of hello kitty than me…lol

  5. Hello Kitty has always been a trend looong time ago .. what made it worse is that China is making copies of it

    WHAT REALLY pisses me off is the other thing you mentioned .. the stupid Superman hoodies and T’s .. i found lots and lots of them being sold in London streets too .. ! maybe they’re wearing it here to let you know that “ana tawny raada mn LAndAn” 3eshtaw

  6. Hello Kitty Obsessed ♡

    I’ve been a ♡ Hello Kitty ♡ fan for the past 6 years, trust me no one is crazy as I am when it comes to collecting Hello Kitty merchandise. I have so much that some of it is in storage. LOL Even my 6 year old niece questions and complains why I have more than she does. Even the cats have their own Hello Kitty merchandise lol. You name it I’ve got it – except for the electrical appliances that do not work in Kuwait 😥 Im now planning on having a cabinet especially made for all the plushes that I’ve collected over the years. Too bad i can’t bring back to Kuwait the Hello Kitty wine bottles! 😥

  7. Hello Kitty Obsessed ♡
  8. could anyone plzzzz tell me where can i find hellokitty products “esp” cosmetics in kuwait??? need reply asap!!

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