The Bullet Series by Shurooq Amin

As I posted earlier last week (link) The Lahd Gallery, London, cordially invites you to view the new works of Kuwaiti artist Shurooq Amin, entitled The Bullet Series, on the 3rd of March 2011, 7pm. The exhibition continues for 6 weeks.

In The Bullet Series,  the paintings are shot by the artist at a range of 50m with a rifle and a small   Hornet bullet. The series as a whole poses controversial religious, political, social, and sexual questions, with some paintings such as My Country is Ill and Take Me To Heaven being central to the work as a study of contemporary Middle Eastern politics. The process of shooting takes place within a safe environment, once the paintings are completed, and only one shot is taken, with a specific target point on the canvas. Shurooq never missed.

Lahd Gallery, 92 Heath Street, London, NW3 1DP, UK.

Tel: 02074357323


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6 responses to “The Bullet Series by Shurooq Amin

  1. Oh i wish i saw this post while i was in London … BTW the first link you have is not working??

  2. brownsuger, so what “you were in London”? it starts on the 3rd of march.

  3. Shurooq Amin is reaally creative, i love her work!!

  4. Wain ansam wain ur posts 3asa ma shaar?

  5. where have you been sweety? we missed u 🙂

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