Abou Kamal – Syria

After a long day of solo shopping at Hameediya (link) and visiting the beautiful Khan (link) I met my sister at night who have just finished up with her work. We walked around Salhiya Area… one of the receptionists in our hotel recommended we try Abou Kamal… which is just five minutes away from our hotel (Cham Hotel).

The restaurant is not fancy! We were hesitant at first, but starving too… so we decided to give it a go anyways

We ordered an appetizer platter which includes tabbouleh, green salad, yalenji (stuffed vine leaves), hummus, mutabbal, papa ghanouch, muhammarah, and olives.

They also gave a complimentary dish of veggies and pickles.

What we liked: Hummus and mutabbal… the rest were meh! Actually we didnt touch the salads and veggies.

We wanted to try something different so we ordered fava beans with yogurt (foool bel laban)

It wasnt bad actually

Then for our main courses we shared grilled cut meat (shish kebab or sho’af lahme) and grilled chicken (shish tawook)

The shish kebabs were  really good.. full of flavor and cooked just right! I loved them, but the shish tawook were rubbery and we ate one piece each!

All in all I would not really recommend this restaurant as a MUST… its a good option to have, next to the hotel. I would rather go to those restaurants in Old Damascus Alleyways or other restaurants I will be posting about soon 😉 So stay tuned!

Anyways… our bill came to a total of SYP 1,105

One response to “Abou Kamal – Syria

  1. They have the best kebabs I’ve ever tried

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