The Khan – Part III – Syria (Last Part)

So this is the last part of my first post about The Khan! Yes, its not gonna be the last one for sure – I love this place ❤

So lets come in from Med’hat Pasha St.! The main entrance to The Khan 😉 Shall we?

This side is the Fashion Side 😉 (link)

It was originally a khan. Records from the Ottoman era identify it as the Olabi Khan, or Khan al-Olabiyyeen, in which boxes of all kinds and sizes were traded. During the period of the French Mandate in the 1920’s, this building was transformed into a fire station. By the 1960’s and 70’s it had turned into a carpenter’s workshop.

For the past 5 years it has been redesigned into its current style, with its innovative expression of mother-of-pearl in-laid wood commodes and crystal chandeliers…

They offer to the region the fine clothings of Dior, Gucci, Cavalli, Fendi, Dolce & Gabbana, Valentinto, Tod’s, Ferragamo, Missoni, etc…

Check out this corner… used to be for horses back in time! How neat is that?

And the cashier’s counter… LOVE IT! Don’t you?

Don’t you like the mix of the latest fashion items with the history in that place.. old and new? Fashion is really timeless!!!

This display room was used as a rest area for the khan owner back in time… just think of how many people of different time, different styles stepped into that room… and for many different purposes! Fabulous!

And the room next to it is also full of colorful fashion items beautifully displayed… I loved the way of how items are displayed!

And on the upper level are some more items..

Items on sale here 😉

Shoes ❤

And a Foosball (table football) a la Arabesque 😉 I loved it SO MUCH! They told me they can ship those to Kuwait!!!

So just to give you a visual of the place… if you enter from Med’hat Pasha St… this is the part you will see (in this post). If you go up the stairs, where the sale items are, and you go up further (few steps up) you will get to Tajalliyat, which I talked about in Part II, along with Yabi & Yamo and the Createurs… go down the stairs and you will be in the Cafe which is also the place where the Saboon, Khanoum, Khawaja, Aydi, and Kohl are – the ones I talked about in Part I.

The Khan is one of the places NOT TO BE MISSED while in Damascus… its beautiful! The place combines art, history, fashion, beauty, and more! I keep passing by it every time I get the chance to! I just love it to bits!

2 responses to “The Khan – Part III – Syria (Last Part)

  1. i never liked syria 😛 specially bloudan , got sick for 3 days and when i went to lebanon after that in the borders suddenly i got better 😛
    bas i dont remember going to thise places

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