Nailtini Offer For Ansam518 Readers

Nailtini is offering all my readers  (ladies only – sorry guys!) Nailtini’s Special 50-20-5 Promo to commemorate this significant occasion for our country.
Nailtini is offering all Ansam518 readers an instant discount of 50% or 20% or 5% off of any mani/pedi treatment!
All they have to do is book an appointment, walk in and pick a card from their 50-20-5 raffle bowl to receive the instant discount!
The offer is valid from Feb 22 ’til the end of the month.
Readers must mention the offer code: Ansam518 to benefit from this offer.
Nailtini is located in AlSurra Block 5, Street 1, Alnuhassy Building. Tel: 25355225/25355445. Email:

Dont forget to check out their TruffleTini offer (link) it comes with complimentary Laderach Truffles 😉 YUMMM

Also, the very nice owner, Ms. Fatima told me they have the latest nail lacquer collection in which she told me that they were the first to launch in Kuwait several weeks ago: The Katy Perry OPI Shattered Collection (its the new ‘rage’ in the nail world)

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