The Khan – Part II – Syria

So after a very beautiful tour in The Khan (first part)… I went upstairs to take more pictures of the upper level part of it.

The first couple of rooms I went to were for new designers “Createurs” in the region. Beautiful clutches, accessories, clothing, and more…

Very nice collections of necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and more..

Items uniquely displayed in frames, shelves, and traditional pieces made locally! Beautiful… just beautiful

Sarah’s Bag too

Unique pieces of furniture

Walking to other rooms there…

Yabi & Yamo (link) – Dad and Mom in old Syrian – nice name

I loved this room… its full of items collected from all around the globe with a flare of style… modern looking jars with glasses, interesting ladders, chairs, tables, shelves….

A wobble-y chess set – interesting!!

Moving on to the next room… Tajalliyat (link)

A beautiful gallery to exhibit the most contemporary of Syrian and Regional works in the heart of the old city

Thats one of many reasons why I love The Khan… its because they have a variety for you to pick from! Makeup, organic soaps, furniture, fashion items, local designers, regional designers, international designers, dressy to casual lines… weaved goods, cafe, art.. do I need to say more?

But thats not it… the next post (and the last about The Khan) will show you the other side of it – so stay tuned 😉

To be continued 😉

3 responses to “The Khan – Part II – Syria

  1. I loved the necklace on the third picture !

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  3. Stunning!! I don’t know how I missed this post! I loved the modern boutique… Thanks for sharing 🙂

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