Where Can I Get This From in Kuwait?

My friend Shushu asked me where she can get the tinted Garnier roll on – two in one in Kuwait? She got hers from London

11 responses to “Where Can I Get This From in Kuwait?

  1. i bought one couple of months ago from Sultan Center – Salmiya, but it was yellow, not like this picture, it works very well for me.

  2. Thanks you guys… but I want the tinted one – not the moisturizing with no tint 😉

  3. well, the one i got is for dark circles and it got caffeine in it too, you won’t believe how it takes out the puffiness from under my eyes the sec i apply it when i wake up!

    now i can’t live without it!

    what’s the difference between them anyways?

  4. Usually i get it from Carrefour, but another roll type for the same brand


  6. 2 years ago when it first came out in the UK i ran and bought me one to try… nothing changed… dark circlres still there and my eyes would stay the same after use… it didn’t work for me at all…
    I remember my sister buying it from Kuwait… one of three places might stock it: TSC, Carrefour, or Lulu Hyper Market the one in aswaq il qrain

  7. Why don’t u try ordering it online? U might be able to get it that way… 🙂 do u need it urgently, or would u be able to wait awhile before u have it?

  8. nuzha co-op has it also

  9. i found it at Jabriya Co-op, they have different kinds.

  10. am using it as well.. but i bought it from london so plz update the post if u find it some where here

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