The Khan – Part I – Syria

After a long day at Hameediya and Bakdash Booza,Mrs. Sandra -the very very sweet Sandra- picked me up from the hotel to take me to her store, The Khan (link).

We walked in, she gave me a tour – in the middle of which her husband, and co-owner, Mr. Amjad joined in… they were very friendly and very happy to show me around the place… I was over the moon! The place is really hip and old – in terms of history! Its rich of culture… every room, every wall, every corner has a story! I can’t help but admire such places… they retain the history and culture so well, yet they are welcoming visitors from all over the place in!

Then they let me be…. free with my camera all over the place! I took so many pics so I wont post them all in one blog post 😉 Today is part one 😉

I will start with the side entrance to The Khan..

We will start here, with the coffee shop 😉

The barista prepared this yummy cappuccino for me while I was settling up 😉

I kept my things with Sandra and Amjad while I started snapping away – the things I usually love doing, right? 😉

So the coffee shop is in the center of a high ceiling area… with a fountain in the middle – surrounded by rooms – very traditional Syrian style house – turned into a masterpiece!

Furniture pieces on display made to cater to every taste!

As explained… the coffee shop area is surrounded by different room… in each room you find different items to shop for

Here in this section you can find beautiful embroidered Syrian kaftans and coats (bisht) and some accessories… loved the coats! Will try and post pictures of the ones my sister bought 😉

Next to it is a room called Saboon (link) – the scents of those handmade soaps were such a tease… you can smell’em when you’re in the cafe!

They are known there as “Saboon El Ghar” made of all natural ingredients… they offer the soaps in many scents: amber, oud, rose, jasmine, musk….. you name it!

This is the machine used to make soap… and its an old machine – old old! That tells you more about the place… that “Old is Gold”! I really cannot explain in words how much I loved it there…

Anyways… I passed by The Khan again, and they were making amber soup so I snapped a pic of the process 😉

The display of items is really attractive too

Attention to details is visibly clear in every piece on display

The decorations and artifacts on display adds more flavor to the place

Some pieces are pretty old…

They use this machine to seal/stamp the soaps

I stamped one soap 😉 But I am not sharing that picture with you guys 😛

Moving to the rooms next to it.. there are two side-by-side rooms called Khawaja and Khanoum, selling sporty lines of clothings that includes Moschino, Ralph Lauren and more!

The last two rooms in this section are called Aydi (hands) and Kohl

Aydi is specialized in weaving… Silk, beautiful silk materials… and wool too

Beautiful handwoven ties, kaftans, clutches…. all made in-house

Next to Aydi is Kohl… makeup room 😉

I really enjoyed that part of The Khan so much… its vibrant and full of life, full of stories to tell, things to browse (and buy for sure 😉 ) and very friendly and helpful staff members. I really appreciate those kind of places… to bits ❤

Now lets go up those stairs…. shall we?

To be continued…..

12 responses to “The Khan – Part I – Syria

  1. The pictures are amazing! loved the soap section!

  2. looks like so much fun!! i really want to go to syria!

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  4. Words can’t describe my gratitude.
    You are always welcome in your Khan in your city Damascus.

  5. Beautiful photos….I liked the soap room, i bet the aroma of soap filled the room 😉

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  7. you know i’ve always thought that Syria was not a very nice place to visit. What would i find there but old Hawalli style shops and old restaurants? I was told it was run down and that when you take a bath you will find the water cut off in the hotel and that electricity goes out as well…

    The way i see it from your posts, it is ENTIRELY different from the image i had in my mind! Especially this Khan! I was very much mistaken… it’s difnietely worth a visit in the future insha2 Allah!

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