The Henna Glove at The Boudoir Salon

The latest Craze “Henna Glove” is now available -any style- at the Boudoir Salon

To book an appointment call 25335951/2 or book online (link)

9 responses to “The Henna Glove at The Boudoir Salon

  1. First one was ansiya now el kel yqaldha!! Lol

    • I think its the fashion now… its not about copying! Meaning… if you see something you like, and you want to try/have it… why not 🙂 Be positive

  2. I don’t like it! It should be a glove (meaning all around the hand) not just on the back of the hand

  3. Allaaah! 7abbaita! You know how much? O I wanna do one on my ankle.. yesawoon??

    • esma “glove” etsawena 3al ankel shlon? yser shakla chena a hand is holding your ankle ya3ni? loooool

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  5. not a fan of it! i’d like it for a few days then hate it lol

  6. tara wayid 7eloo ! ana sawaita. and try their other stuff too. seshwarhum 3ajeeeb 🙂

  7. The Boudoir Salon charges 7KD and can be done anywhere anyplace at the customer’s request.

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