Sultan Hassan and AlRifaie Mosques

After visiting Muhammed Ali Mosque, we headed down to Sultan Hassan and Al Rifaie Mosques

The one the left side was built by Sultan Hassan Bin Qalawun, who was a Turkish Sultan that reigned in Egypt during the 14th C.

Its a HUGE mosque with huge huge doors and beautiful architecture… very devoted congregation

We walked around and into the courtyard

Beautiful ❤

The mosque have schools for the four juristic branches of Sunni Islam that I combined the doors of which in one picture below

Its a beautiful beautiful mosque

One of the congregation even performed a prayer for us with some tourists and it was so beautiful and so touching


And off we go to Al Rifaie Mosque

You cant help but admire the architecture and attention to details… It was my second visit to the mosques and I wouldn’t mind a third trip there!

There were so many shrines inside the mosque

Al Aref Bellah Sidi Ali Abu Shubbak Al Rifaie

Loved the chandelier

The tomb of the last emperor of Iran, Reza Shah Pahlevi

Hello officer 😉

And the tomb of King Farouq

The high ceilings, the interiors, the ambiance, the soaring spaces is oh-so-breathtaking!

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