Bakdash at Hameediyah – Syria

While shopping at Hameediya I stopped for an ice cream (booza) break at Bakdash 😉

A famous ice cream parlor that was established more than 100 years ago! Their ice cream is pounded and made of salep and mastic.

They sell so many things and I wanted to take so many pictures but it was so so busy and full of people.. I only managed to take a couple!

You basically go to the cashier, pay for your booza, the cashier then will give you a token to pick it up and go! I told him to give me a token for their best seller booza… so he recommended I take the one covered with pistachios and cashews!

Price tag? SYP50 (around 300 fils) 😉 – The best booza I have ever ever ever EVER tried in my life!

Thank you for everyone who recommended it – specially my dad :-*

7 responses to “Bakdash at Hameediyah – Syria

  1. yummy
    عليج بالعافية صج صج شكلها لـذييييييذ

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  3. that looks good, bel3afya 🙂

  4. عليج بااااالف عافية

    شوقتينا علي ها البوووظة

  5. Thanks all.. Allah ye3afeekom!
    Since I go there almost daily LOL I took a pic with some of the staff members today wearing the chef’s hat LOL

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