Muhammed Ali Mosque

My dad, his Egyptian friend Ali, and I decided to pass by Muhammed Ali Mosque while we were in Cairo last November.

Its a beautiful Ottoman mosque commissioned by Muhammed Ali Pasha -in memory of his son Tusun Pasha- between 1830 and 1848.

Thats the courtyard

And alabaster covered courtyard.

I also snapped few pics from the inside… the chandelier – here you can see the central dome which is surrounded by other domes

You can find more info here!

Its a place not to be missed… specially if you wanna go and admire the architecture of the Ottomans!

Here is a picture from the top of Sultan Hassan and AlRifaie Mosques, which I will be posting pictures about tomorrow

And here are different pictures I took while out of Muhammed Ali Mosque of Cairo

4 responses to “Muhammed Ali Mosque

  1. Its very very similar to Blue Mosque in Turkey

  2. Soon we’ll be able to visit charming Egypt

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