Falafel Bissan – Syria

We arrived Syria in the afternoon of Feb 13th. To begin with, my sister is here on business with a delegation from the Ministry of Education and I joined in because I’ve always wanted to come to Syria…. Glad I did. Damascus is one of the most beautiful cities rich in culture and history… every step I take, everywhere I look – just beautiful. People are friendly and helpful here. So after we checked in our hotel, we took a walk around Salhiya Area… One of the delegation members kept telling us about Falafel Bissan (she is also the mother of two of my really good friends;-)) So we decided to walk there with one of the staff members with us on the trip – who kinda knew the area

There was a long waiting line there… Thats a good sign, I guess πŸ˜‰ No?

Anyways… just like Falafel King, Falafel Bissan will only fry their falafel when you place an order to ensure freshness… I wanted one sandwich, but he ordered two sandwiches each… I was like sure, why not πŸ˜‰

The sandwiches were SO GOOD! The falafel were really scrumptious and fresh – they were kinda grainy – texturewise… My sister is not much into falafel but she said “Now I know why they kept talking about!!” – Yes! Its that good

I cant remember how much they exactly cost, but its around SYP175-200 (KWD1-1.250)

Falafel Bissan is located on Maisalon St in Damascus and their tel # is 3316271

2 responses to “Falafel Bissan – Syria

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  2. As of today,,

    We bought 24 sandwiches for all the family.

    I can say, that was a big mistake…

    Very bad sandwiches.

    We will not return again.

    Very bad experience !!

    These people should look for job and start doing something else than a FALAFEL.

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