Cairo – Random Pictures Here & There

I want to continue to post about my trip from last November… so to jump start this I thought of sharing some random pictures (in no specific order) I have taken here and there while in Cairo…

Random street in the outskirts

The famous rocks at Airport 3

Al Azhar

And that is a kiss from a camel 😉

A black cat in Sultan Hassan Mosque… it was one mean cat

Laundry… one a rope

Two guys on a motorbike with a door… special delivery?

Signs of elections… from last year

ElRoda St… a la Cairo 😉

I never tried that…. but the smell is SO GOOD! Fresh bread vendors

I liked the pumper sticker on that car “I have no idea WHERE I AM GOING”

Next to Egyptian Museum… part of Maidan Al Tahrir

Beautiful chaos at El Fishawy Cafe

Tried both… Vodafone is way better!

Mohammed Abdelwahab St 😉

Some random neighborhood

Nile Cruise

Normal bumper car parking style in Cairo

An old Egyptian currency from King Farouq’s days… it was given to me by our driver – very precious no? –

The Pyramids from far away

I thought they look a bit strange???

Famous Tannoura dance/performance

A taxi ride with more than six school kids!

3 responses to “Cairo – Random Pictures Here & There

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  3. nice photos..i love them

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