The Hub – Milton Keynes

While in London with my dad last year, we took a three days trip to Milton Keynes to overlook personal business… I love Milton Keynes so much but I got so sick on that trip that I couldn’t do much 😦

We have a house there, but it was just not worth it to stay in a big house when it was just the two of us, so we stayed in Jurys Inn, and right on the back side of the hotel, there is a place called The Hub.

Its a development of restaurants, cafes, hotels, businesses and apartments – a retail quarter in the heart of Milton Keynes… not too far away from the train station and the shopping area with all attractions around it. We only used the taxi once while in there!

The architecture is radically different than London. Its young and modern in Milton Keynes… the people there are also so friendly and welcoming.

The Hub is one of the places not to be missed while in Milton Keynes!

2 responses to “The Hub – Milton Keynes

  1. milton K , is agreat and wonderfull country in UK

  2. i love MK! i used to always go there! haven’t been there in a few years though! is the hub place new? cuz i never heard of it!

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