Winter Wonderland

While in London last September… I managed to pass by the Winter Wonderland in the Hyde Park a couple of times

I loved it… the setup was amazing with so many attractions, performances, arcades and games, and lots of good food (those who know me well knows how much I LOVE theme parks’ food)

Signs of festivities were visible everywhere you turn… lots of happy faces around and kids having fun as well as adults

As I said it was very well put-together… very well organized with services for the guest all over the place

We started the night walking around booths checking out carved wooden ties, handmade handcrafts, then to the rides (I did not go on any of which by the way LOL)

It was FREEZING but its nice specially when you go around dusk… the lights and all is just breathtaking ❤

Thats the E:CUBE below, and igloo-style tent

Lots and lots AND LOTS of yummy food stalls – Luluscious explained some of it to me – many stalls were brought from Germany this year

Jamie Oliver’s had a restaurant/cafe in there too

Although it looked nice, I was aiming at the food stalls LOL

Like the burgers… the one we had were FABULOUS! I enjoyed every bit of it

Oh and check this oven out

Handmade bread rolls made to PERFECTION! I tried the mushroom ones and it was OUTTA THIS WORLD! I would love love to have this one again

I really am out of words to describe it… the smell, the texture, the taste – OH SO GOOD!

And of course, a day at a theme park wont be complete with churros 😛

I had churros… and they were… hmmm meh! I expected them to be softer, but it was freezing so I wont be surprised if the weather affected the texture

Luluscious had doughnuts and they were softer than my churros 😉

This last picture I have taken was of a frozen leaf we found on the ground… just to give you an idea of how cold it was… brrrrrr!


6 responses to “Winter Wonderland

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  2. 7adaaaaa ewaniiiiiiiiiiiis abeeeeeeeeeeeeeee:(

  3. Still mwjod wla shaloh
    Coz am in uk now

  4. Looks fun and the burgers looks amazing! Just a little typo Ansam, you probably meant December rather than September right? :p

  5. Hmood i think shalo, it was there bas la January 4 chena..
    bas u can check, kan ib hyde park 9ob illake

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