After so many tease tags on facebook by my friends… with everyone going to Cherriez, posting pics of their fro yos and tagging me (specially Naser & Essa) I finally made it to the store!!!

The area is crowded and its a nightmare to go there on weekdays in the daylight… but I did anyways! Was it worth the trip and all the hassle of finding a place to park while I go in to place an order?

Definitely πŸ˜‰ SO WORTH IT!

I was first greeted by their bubble and friendly staff members “WELCOME TO CHERRIEZ” – When it comes to fro yo, I usually go with the original (natural) flavor, but I try all flavors possible… this time I wanted to try their mango, and it was good… then they offered me their raspberry which I like also, but of course being me… I ordered the original!

Now I almost always order my original flavor with no toppings… zilch! I do however check the toppings anyways and I couldn’t resist their fresh looking berries…

The yogurt was refreshing and I am definitely gonna go again – maybe when its less crowded in that area πŸ˜›

For those in Kuwait City…. GOOD news, they deliver πŸ˜‰ Simply callΒ 22474888 and place your order for delivery or pick up!

3 responses to “Cherriez

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  2. I’m Glad u liked it, I’m not a fan of frozen yogurt but this place was just the turning point me love it.. Great for summer after long bike Rides.

    Try strawberry flavor next time perfect

  3. Oh I love frozen yogurt , thanks for sharing

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