Zahra Cafe @}–/—-

Luluscious was craving Zahra Cafe’s Chocolate Pudding… so we headed there a couple of days ago…

The thing with Zahra Cafe that it never gets old, and its always full of life and loyal customers… you go and see familiar faces there! I personally love this place ❤

Anyways… I ordered their “Foul” sandwich (I dunno why they spell it this way) – which is half mashed mini fava beans in tiny pita breads with a side salad

Oh it was so good… I offered Lulu one of which in exchange for one piece of her turkey sandwich which came in with a side of french fries and a salad

Then we shared the chocolate pudding! Every bite is a tease and is better than the one before it! It is SO DAMN GOOD and perfect treat when you need a “pick me up” – specially when you are craving chocos ❤

Our total came to KD10.700 (I had pressed black coffee and Lulu had lemon with mint juice)

Zahra Cafe is located in the basement of Zahra Shopping Complex and their tel # is 25717063/4

10 responses to “Zahra Cafe @}–/—-

  1. Did you have to cover your nose when you ate the foul sandwich? 😛
    That pudding looks good 🙂

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  3. Zahra Cafe has the best food in town. They are clean and the food is out of this world. The deserts are another story. Try the dates pudding cake next time or their home made ice cream. its to die for.. having said all that I think I”m going there..

  4. bl3afya
    i never tried it before although i read nice reviews about it

  5. I love zahra cafe ,, a7esa good home made food ,, zahra Choc cake 3ajeeba ba3ad

  6. thanks for the review 🙂 u must really appreciate good food.. ur right .. zahra cafe never gets old.. and has the best HOME MADE food

  7. I lovvvvvvve their foooooddd… I have great memories there…..
    Zahra cafe feels like home.

  8. Zahra Cafe is a nostalgic place, great cakes…miss that place!

  9. best steak sandwich ever and Chocolate De lace ice cream Cake ever

    its a must once every month

  10. Zahar cafe` . . . , long time no see 😀

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