Nick Vujicic

I was invited and given VIP tickets by Wataniya Telecom via Zenith Media (thank you Assaf ;-)) to attend Nick Vujicic inspirational speech at GUST yesterday.

As we were seated.. they started with a power point presentation showing pictures throughout Vujicic life

Shortly after, Nick Vujicic entered the hall along with his positive vibes… he gave a very inspirational speech about his life… with so many tips to share along with his experiences

He talked about the (i) Truth of my value, (ii) Truth of my purpose, and (iii) Truth of my destiny…

I jotted down some of the things I liked in his speech

“I don’t know what I can achieve until I try”

“Focus on what you have – not what you dont have”

“Do your best and God will do the rest”

He started of his inspirational speeches by giving random schools calls – His calls were rejected till call #53… where he was promised to be given USD50 to speak for five minutes to 5-10 people! Not only that, he had to give those USD50 to his brother who helped him commute to that school which was worth 300 minutes of travel time, plus the money he paid for gas!

But as he said “You don’t know what’s around the corner until you go around the corner” and he started getting phone calls the next day from different schools to give speeches…

Today – he gave a total of 1,500 speeches in 38 countries. He met six different presidents and millions of people – The power of the “word of mouth” 😉

I am uploading his videos to my YouTube channel and will update you with another post with the videos soon 😉

God bless you Nick Vujicic! You are truly an inspiration!

7 responses to “Nick Vujicic

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  2. He is AMAZINNGGGGGG! 7asafa ma shiftich bes we dont know each other aslan LOOOOL

  3. aaah i love him ❤ i love his sudden funny moments!
    he made me cry last year

  4. I love his spirit. KPC hosted him like a year ago. He’s marvelous .

  5. he is such an amazing person , GOD BLESS him , i really enjoyed it , thanks for the pictures, Glod bless you

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