Spotted – Kuwait’s Flag at Jaguar :-(

I was shocked (YES! SHOCKED) to see Kuwait’s flag on Jaguar dealer ship presented this way!!! I mean come on… It should be a black trapezoid not a triangle!!! I think its a BIG mistake on their side!

11 responses to “Spotted – Kuwait’s Flag at Jaguar :-(

  1. That’s embarrassing! Its a joke!

    I just posted something similar. We will see so many examples of bad things like this with the big 50/20 celebration coming

  2. Shda3wa lool

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  4. Oh my GOD!!! Ya3ni mo ma3qoolaa ma y3arfoon ilflag!!!
    This is embarrassing!!

  5. Hanan Al Failakawi

    that what happens when Indian , Afgani, or any non Kuwaiti worker is assigned to do national job !!

  6. Heh, at least they didn’t put it flipped upside down! ;P

  7. how has it been produced !!!

  8. I think they know how it originally looks like but it. Umm kinda goes more with the design!

    LOL dear jags that’s the only excuse I can find for u and yes it’s unacceptable=)

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  10. Actually, the Palestinian flag is different from this one!

    The Palestinian flag is black from the top
    white in the middle
    green in the bottom
    and the triangle is red.

    The Kuwaiti flag is:
    green in the top
    white in the middle
    red in the bottom
    and the triangle is black, and the end of the tale is cut.

    The only mistake done by jaguar, is that the tale of the flag is not cut from the end.

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