Toilet seat at IKEA “For Display Only”!!! I am thinking who would in their right mind use it? and in PUBLIC? LOL

11 responses to “Seriously?

  1. Trust me, they didn’t put it menni wel 6ereej ;p

  2. lol. I’m sure they had some cases.

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  4. you never know !! :p

  5. Becoz IKEA does not sells toilets and other sanitary stuff….

  6. LOOL , ohma ma 7a6ooh ilaa akeed 9ayer shaay !!

  7. Maybe they meant that they font have any for sale display only 🙂 just a thought

  8. لا يعني للعرض فقط مو للبيع

    حتى في تلفزيونات وكمبيوترات مكتوب عليهم جذي لان ما يبيعونهم


  9. I think they thought about puting this sign because someone already have done something :S you cant tell what people might do these days 😛

  10. I assume you haven’t seen Jackass The Movie lol

  11. Have you seen jackass movie? 😛

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