Spotted – IKEA Frozen Yogurt

For 500 fils you can enjoy a cup of plain frozen yogurt at IKEA… add another 250 fils with four toppings! How good is that?

I only got to try it in their small sampling cup… and it wasnt bad at all, but their add says four topping and it shows four pieces of strawberries… I had to ask the sales guy who laughed and said no no, we will give you more! LOL silly me 😛

For more, you can check Fahad’s review here!

One response to “Spotted – IKEA Frozen Yogurt

  1. I LOVE IT
    3ajeeeeeb, emagin it is law fat as well as delicious :O
    The only problem is the topping, it is’t really good quality 😦
    I like to have mine plain 😉

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