Food Maestros – Last Day Today ;-)

Today is Food Maestros last day 😉 If you haven’t gone yet, it is your last chance to go to it today… (check my post about the event here)

There will be a cooking demo at around 5:30PM from Executive Chef Giulio Brignola from Carluccio’s Italian Restaurant

Competition “Can You Cook?” will commence at around 6:00PM

It will be in the same place, Arraya Plaza (the outdoor area between the mall and the parking lot) 😉

Here is a video of the Chef cooking creamy Italian mushroom risotto



One response to “Food Maestros – Last Day Today ;-)

  1. So whats the deal with the event..i was there at about 8 last night and everything outdoors was closed! the indoors was open and had about 4-5 booths of candy/ confectionnries! :S

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