Wetzel’s Pretzels!

The very kind team of Wetzel’s Pretzels sent me two goody bags of their yummies earlier this week.

Let me tell you this… the smell was out of this world! I was overjoyed looking at those bags… Not to mention how much I LOVE pretzels..

I quickly snapped a picture and sent it to my sisters… I told them lunch was on me that day 😛

They sent me many many items (but not a pretzel :-P) Did I care? Not really…. I could not even wait for my sisters to come back from work and I started with their pretzel hotdog – Wetzel Dog 😉

It was REALLY good! Really really good that I wish they sell’em at movie theaters! Some cheese was melted on top… and it was just tasty!

They have sent two boxes of each; mixed pretzel bites and cinnamon bites (I think they call them Wetzels Bitz)

Now I could not try all the flavors but I had one of the cinnamon bites (GOOD) and some of the zataar ones 😉 It was amazing!  The dough is just amazing! I cant wait for it to be fully opened…

Wetzel’s Pretzels is now opened in The Avenues Phase II and Lulu Hypermarket in AlQurain 😉

Check out their facebook page for more (link)

7 responses to “Wetzel’s Pretzels!

  1. Looks yummy, I tried the chilli dog the other day it’s amazing and the lemonade just taste like haven :))))))

  2. Wetzel's Pretzels

    Thank you All, and Noos I promise you fresh pretzels will come to you in the morning!

  3. WAAAY THANK YOU ANSAM!!! I LOVE YOU! Tawni adry ina feta7 bl Q8 :***************** Im going tomorrow

  4. the Bitz look like heaven and the dawg is downright amazing looking … can almost taste ’em!

  5. Wetzel's Pretzels

    if you guys are wondering where it is its just on top of Ashti 😉

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