Perfect Day

Perfect Day is a new Wedding and Event Planner coming your way 🙂

A message from Perfect Day:

“A beautiful start for us in Kuwait to have our first based Italian know how in events planing.. Oh yeah! Believe it or not, we are a pure Italian wedding/event planners with one of a kind and gentle Kuwaiti lady…

Not only weddings, we go beyond that to all kinds of events starting from a simple sign concept

Contact Details:

Mrs . Dalal Al Asuosi +96599625350
Arch. N. Bashar +96597165971


7 responses to “Perfect Day

  1. if she’s Kuwaiti and his name is bashar ween el Italian bl mawtho3?

  2. mafeh shy special kil el-weddings bel q8 9ayren nafs el-decor bs farg el-alwan ! ;\

  3. I think alta9weer ‘6alamhom becuz teh picts mo wa’67een maybe mn mobile 9a7? I like the idea but the black wall no shakla em3afas 😦 loo kan thahabi aw loon fati7 wayed a7la ma3ah. The details of leaves and arches very nice everywhere 7atta al tables and gowa6y al kleenex. Ya3ny mat3oob 3ala alshoqol (Y) bas kan yabeela more. Hathy albedaya ma 3alih w atwaqa3 ye9eroon WOW SOON 😀 Good luck (Y)(Y)

  4. This is a disaster. The finishing is very bad! I hate it.

  5. Naaa3em! Mashalla thooq 😉 anna a7b this theme al autumns wl leaves. Any idea shlown as3arhm? Ysawoon estiqbal mawaleed in hospitals?

  6. Well.. to me the idea is kind of unique bes I wouldnt choose it. ya3ny al designer eyhom 6alab w ynafthoon al6alab 7asab raghbat alzboon.
    yemkin al3aroos t7b this design o naggeta so ma agdar a7kom bas altanfeth 7loo wl alwan 3ajbatny wayed bas I also hate the black o 9a7 eshway em3affas soob the gold arch thing.
    ana 7abeet altables ely jeddaam wayed nazkeen 😀
    bes I dont like altables maloot the bofeeh :S

  7. I love it. Dalal theweeeqa o shogholha yehabil masha’allaah. Betawfeeeq

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