Beyond No-No!


Thugs/looters ruining mummies of the Egyptian Museum during the protests Saturday 😦

This is one of the greatest and best Pharaonic treasures of all times :’-(

Mummies, statues, display cases…. WHY WHY!!

Some even were emptied!

8 responses to “Beyond No-No!

  1. that’s truly sad.

  2. STUPID!! why would they do that? shako?
    sij 7asafa 😦
    of all the places in Egypt, I liked that museum the most 😦

  3. 7araaaaaaaaaaaaaam 😦

  4. I don’t believe it.

  5. I wish this isn’t true. Soo sad!

  6. Really devastating and disturbing wallah ! My heart goes out to Egypt

  7. I can’t believe they are doing this with their own hands!

  8. these ppl are’nt the true protesters who care about Egypt
    These ppl are the “ruiners” the same people who left those jails open for the prisoners to run away!

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