Safa AlHashem & The Amiri Grant

Ms. Safa AlHashem, of Consulting Advantage, introduced a new way motivating the youth to be creative and productive with ideas that deals with community’s development!

She announced (via her facebook and twitter pages) that she is giving away her Amiri Grant for any young man/woman who offers the best creative idea! She will also work on funding the implementation of the winning idea. The last day to receive an idea is February 25th 2011.

How cool is that? 😉

ابتكرت سيدة الاعمال صفاء الهاشم وسيلة جديدة لتحفيز الشباب على الابداع وتقديم الافكار المميزة في تنمية المجتمع، فأعلنت عبر صفحتها في موقعي فيسبوك وتويتر عن تبرعها بالمنحة الاميرية السامية البالغة الف دينار كويتي لاي شاب او فتاة يقدم افضل فكرة خلاقة في تنمية المجتمع، فضلا عن تبني تمويل وتنفيذ الفكرة من الألف الى الياء.
وحظيت صفحتا الهاشم بإقبال شديد من المتابعين خلال ايام قليلة من انشائها، حيث بادر المئات الى المساهمة في تقديم الافكار والاقتراحات البناءة في مختلف مجالات تنمية المجتمع. وحددت الهاشم موعد الاحتفال بالاعياد الوطنية للبلاد كآخر موعد لاستقبال الافكار الجديدة


Follow her on Twitter for more (link)

Facebook (link)

8 responses to “Safa AlHashem & The Amiri Grant

  1. I love her smart ideas … her twitter is fruitful

  2. mashala mashalah loved her idea , her offer is outstanding 🙂

  3. I checked out Safa’s twitter.. but it seems to be mostly in Arabic. Anyway, I don’t want to win the grant or anything (though 1000kd does sound awesome!), but maybe someone could enter this idea as its something I feel strongly about:

    To introduce recycling in Kuwait. I know its not exactly a creative and innovative idea, but it would definitely help the community. I was brought up in NZ, and during my school days, my class decided to write letters to the editor of the local newspaper to ask the council to start a full-fledged recycling scheme in our town. Anyway, long story short.. the town decided to distribute green bins to everyone where we would put our recyclables inside and keep it out on the kerb along with our regular garbage to be picked up once a week. Have been quite shocked to find out that Kuwait doesn’t encourage or seem to have a recycling scheme at all! Plastics, papers, aluminum cans are just thrown out with the regular garbage. Just a thought 🙂

    • there are already a number of organizations by kuwaiti youths working on the idea of recycling. It’s nothing new. Just help the already existing organizations by sending them your newspapers or participating in their exhibitions.

      We neeed something more to do with education and educating people.

  4. i love the idea!!!

  5. i was thinking food carnival 😀

  6. a wonderful gesture. Kuwait could use a few more citizens like Safa Al Hashem!!

  7. Hello noon. I think this is a great idea and I’m very interested. I just have one problem: it seems to be a bit vague. I would very much like to participate but I need more details…just some general guidelines and parameters to help me think in a focused manner. I don’t want to spend weeks developing an idea only to find out later on that it wasn’t exactly what Ms. Al-Hashem was looking for. You seem to be in touch with her. I would be extremely grateful to you if you could ask her for more details describing what she’s looking for. Perhaps you can publish a follow-up post for those of us seriously interested in joining. Thanks in advance.

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