I was at Sultan Center yesterday looking for parking spot… when I saw this…

I waited for the guy to move.. I thought he wanted to unload his cart but he looked at me and waved “NO” and then looked away and started talking on his mobile.. I rolled down my window and asked him if he was going to move away and he said “No, I am saving this spot for someone”


7 responses to “No-No!

  1. Some people have got some NERVE! Not cool! I’m embarrassed for them! 😦

  2. you should’ve just parked..

  3. Seriously … I would’ve parked right in front of his shopping cart, got out of my car, and walked into TSC 🙂

  4. Something similar happened to me and my husband but in TSC salmiya parking. we where about to turn right to park but to our surprised we found a little girl spreading her arms saying “No, this is for my mom” in arabic then looking at her mother which is on the other side of the parking waiting to turn… Just imagine what would’ve happen if we drove straight without noticing the poor girl.

  5. LOOOOOOL uv got to be kidding me, this would ruin the rest of my day. You feel like you just wanna hit the trolly and park oo ib nafs el wagt manabeehom ygooloon 3anna Hailag. Allah isam7a.

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