Zayoona <3 Christian Louboutin ;-)

Some people were lucky enough to meet Christian Louboutin while he was in Kuwait… Zayoona was kind enough to share some of her signed items 😀

Her BlackBerry 😉

And her Loubies… the ones she was wearing at the time she met him

How cool is that?

Thanks Zayoona 😉

3 responses to “Zayoona <3 Christian Louboutin ;-)

  1. Uhhh she’s so lucky!!
    He came here(Toronto) awhile ago and I missed him cause I had classes the time he came at. If I knew he was coming to Kuwait I would have gotten my cousin to go see him too. Well inshallah some other time 🙂

  2. alaaah ! loved the signature on the shoes !! , she should hang it on the wall 😛

  3. …and some people are lucky for meeting and befriending YOU ;* christian who? Hehehe

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