And The Answer Is…. Zero Degrees ;-)

Yesterday, I posted a picture asking you “Where Was I?” and today I am answering you 😉 I was at Zero Degrees…The new Fro Yo cafe in Jabriya!

We were invited to their soft opening/tasting… and let me tell you this; Zero Degrees is a new Kuwaiti concept store (not a franchise) selling frozen yogurt in many flavors with their slogan – Taste Your Imagination

Its located in Jabriya Block 1A – opposite Miss Champions.

The flavors are Octagreen (kiwi), Lighty Lemon, Wild Berries, El Macho Mango, Moby Melon, & Promo-ganettes (pomegranate).

Besides fro yo, they offer wide range of items such as parfait, fruit salad, smoothies, and coffees/teas.

The interior of the store is funky cool… it kinda gives you a shiver *brrrr* and I love the characters associated with each flavor 😉

They also have many fresh toppings to choose from

Out of all the flavors I tried… I loved the Octagreen the most (kiwi) – and even though I prefer no toppings, I went ahead and added kiwi for fun 😉

So light and yummy + NO after taste… I got hooked on!

Other tangy flavors I liked were the original and pomegranate 😉

Its gonna be officially open to the public today – what are you waiting for now? 😉

Here is the message I got from the owners:

“Zero Degrees was created with the philosophy of providing a product that is healthy, energetic, and most importantly evolving. Our all natural, non-fat Original Tart Frozen Yogurt is carefully crafted using the highest quality ingredients to combine the refreshing tangy taste with the creamy texture. The result is a tantalizingly delicious taste that will elevate your imagination and make you look and feel good.

Zero Degrees strives to promote good health and positive feelings, with all the natural goodness that stimulates the immune system and taste that elevates imagination. Our frozen yogurt contains high levels of beneficial live active yogurt cultures that promote better digestion and increase absorption of calcium and other nutrients.
Zero Degrees sets itself apart from competitors through its unified theme and flexible layouts. Partnered with talented interior and graphic designers, our stores are hip and exciting destinations for today’s health-conscious populace. Our different types of stores will cater your needs; whether you are the busy-pressed-for-time-on-the-go person, or the type that enjoys the sit and chat ambiance.”
Thank you Salem & Saud  😉
Official Website (link)
Facebook Page (link)

11 responses to “And The Answer Is…. Zero Degrees ;-)

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  2. Geez … another thing I need to fit into my already jam packed Cheat Meal??? This is just not fair. I will have to go by on Saturday. Any idea re: the hours of operation?

    • DeQor8, Our frozen yogurt is a natural non-fat dessert that we hope would be part of our daily intake. Currently we are operating from 4-11pm and will update our customers once we extends our hours. 🙂

  3. YUMMYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Abeeeeeeeeee to try!!!!

  4. I was on my way to the gym and i was thinking is it a frozen yougart maybe and i decide to try it after the gym then i forget it and tell my self i think this is a soft opening let me wait for ansam and other blogs to write about it then ill go to try it , thank you ansaam , you are always the best blog for the food stuff 😀

  5. بالعافيه

    بجربه ان شاءالله

  6. nom nom nom! mishtahya shay barid! 3awafi

  7. i tried it today, you are so right about the no after taste! i think their best flavor is the octagreen, it actually tasted better than the original. way to go zero degrees!

  8. i tried it yesterday bas ma adre lesh octagreen 7aseta like originL :S

  9. yay shakla yshaweg 3ad yam dawamy kent ba6la3 o ajarbaah ,, bas they open from 4:(
    yalla open early 3ashan amerah kel yom 3ogob el dawam 🙂

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