Spotted – Elevation Burger

I was having a quick bite with my sister and a couple of our friends at Napket when we spotted this…

Looks like Elevation Burger is opening soon in The Avenues – Phase II!? 😉

5 responses to “Spotted – Elevation Burger

  1. Yup yup! Elevation burger is opening soon! Maybe mid feb i heard.

    Cant wait to try it i heard its really good!

  2. yayyyy more burgers!! woooohoooo

  3. by the looks of their website its gona be something interesting 🙂

  4. They say they don’t compromise re: their ingredients. I hope that remains true for Kuwait … we need more quality food and less over processed junk.

  5. Is it replacing Bistro86? Coz I passed by a couple of wks ago, and Bistro was closed, and cleared out form the inside.

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