While driving on Gulf Road with my friend, she snapped this picture of a car in front of us!

How pathetic! The guy was sticking out of car just to get the attention of some ladies in the taxi next to them…. this picture does not do the real situation any justice… they caused chaos, cars near by started to part away as they did not want to have any accident! BIG No-No!

5 responses to “No-No!

  1. hideous … absolutely hideous

  2. Well we’re in 2011, everything improved, so does the pathetic ways of getting the attention of people that don’t want any.

  3. LOOOOOL omg hal manather shakilna mara7 enkhali9 mena:D

  4. Wala I feel bad when I see how cheap some people act, wala 3eeb

  5. It’s depressing ;(

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