Naguib Mahfouz Cafe

Another coffee shop to drop by while in Khan El Khalili is Naguib Mahfouz Cafe (the novelist who won Nobel prize for his writing). Its fancier and quit-er than El Fishawy!

We browsed through their menu – we were not super hungry

We ordered Turkish coffee for me, tea with milk for my dad, and tamarind drink for my dad’s friend. Dad and I also shared tamia (falafel)

Orders did not take long to arrive… service was fast, and service staff were super nice and friendly! They made me wear their hat (fez) to take a picture in it, and walked me around the cafe and restaurant with my camera

Anyways… our orders were ready to be devoured

The tamarind drink

Tea with milk

My Turkish coffee

And the Falafel 😉

Everything was good! The drinks were made to perfection, the bread was fresh out of the oven, and the falafel were so good!

The place was sectioned into a cafe, restaurant, and an indoor tent!

Again its very Arabesque with carved wood and cushioned seats… the windows are decorated with beads

Some of his novels’ titles were carved on walls – here is my dad pointing at one

And that on the wall is his picture with some of his novels

The picture is hanged on top of one of their chairs… in memory of the late novelist who used to come to this place and sit in that same place almost daily

I walked around the place to take more pictures… thats their Khan El Khalili Restaurant

and thats their indoor tent with a TV screen inside

Its a very nice place to have cup of coffee/tea or traditional Egyptian meal 😉 A place where you can sit and enjoy reading some novels too placed on their many shelves

Our bill came to a total of EGP78.85 😉

2 responses to “Naguib Mahfouz Cafe

  1. the falafel looks scrumptious!!

  2. great post! keep it on!

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