While at the traffic light few days ago, this pick up truck driver rolled down his windows and threw lots of tissues out! I kept wondering what goes in those tiny minds of such people when they do this! It makes me very angry and very upset 😦

7 responses to “No-No!

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  2. I hate it when ppl do that! Jeddah recently introduced a littering fine, if they implement it here they will make tons of money !

  3. you should’ve gone up to him and told him to pick it up.. dont keep quiet.. least u can do is honk. they will look ur way and then tell them not to.. but NEVER KEEP QUIET…

  4. uuufff atnrfaz mnhom ana arou7 aklmhom ma a3rf asket y6fron !!!!

  5. LOL … the more things change, the more they stay the same … I’ve just come to expect this type of behavior

  6. what I hate is that he’s kuwaiti!
    If he/she was a foreigner, I would’ve told them to pick it up ;p

    My grandmother’s driver threw something once when I was with him in the car and I made him regret it. I didn’t make him pick it up and throw it in the trash but I just told him to not do it again in a tough voice ;p

    at least he doesn’t when I’m with him in the car ;s

  7. Me 2
    Eshd3wa 3lehom ma yegdroon yet7mlon bs yo9loon elbeit o yg6oon elwe9a5 bzbalat beit.hom !
    3la goltich wedy a3rif sheno yfkroon feeh lma yswoon hal7rka !!

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