Lost in Translation – Mareez?

Mareez? It should read “Mareed” = مريض as in Patient 😛

Plus it says in Arabic that it may cause drowsiness – why not translate this part into English? 😛

Thanks Dr. Yasmeen 😉

5 responses to “Lost in Translation – Mareez?

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  2. lostintranslation?

    you are misusing and overusing ‘lost in translation’ this has nothing to do with translation to begin with plus it means losing the meaning in the process of translating and not mere typos!

  3. if this small thing cant be translated perfectly how they justify what’s the Patient suffering from its really shame wallah very bad

  4. looooooooooool
    masra7eyat enta5eboooooo om 3ali

  5. looooooooooool .. walla shoofay 3ad shino jinsiyat eli katib 😛

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