El Fishawy Cafe

One of the must stops at Khan El Khalili is El Fishawy Cafe

You really walk into a maze in Khan El Khalili to reach the cafe 😉

The interior is Arabesque design furniture and carved wood.

You sit there and the place is very crowded – waiters shouting out orders, people and tourists from all over the place – each in their language, the smoke coming out of shisha (hubbly bubbly water pipes), glasses clanging, sales people coming into the cafe to try and sell some of their goods, shoe cleaners, not to mention the shops right outside the cafe…. people bargaining – stuff coming in and out, shouting and laughter… its very unique in its own way!

It really is a beautiful and organized kind of mess… if you know what I mean? From the outside and to the naked eye its very messy and noisy… very loud and not well organized, but from the inside you come in, sit, experience, and not one order get mixed-up – plus they come back really fast with your order… what did I have? Same thing I ordered exactly last year (link), tea with mint and bottled water 😉

El Fishawy Cafe… not to be missed 😉 If you are braver than us, order juices – I heard they serve a large selection of fresh fruit juices 😉

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