Mutubtub Grand Opening – 360 Mall

Pink Coffee is inviting you all to attend Mutubtub Grand Opening at 360 Mall 😉

Are you ready for fun, education, and more?

Mutubtub is going to have its grand opening soon and you are all invited !

Mutubtub is the first campaign in Kuwait concerned with children’s obesity. Nowadays,  Children obesity is becoming an epidemic and according to Forbs magazine Kuwait is on the top ten list of the most obese country in the world. Therefore,  we decided to fight this by educating the children and their  parents about the vitality of exercising and adapting a healthy life style.

The grand opening event will take place in Infunity, third floor in 360 Mall from 4pm to 9pm. The event includes lectures given by various well known dietitians and doctors directed to both children and parents, as well as physical activities to encourage the children to move  up and down and stimulate their muscles, and lots and lots of games to draw a smile over their little faces.

What is a better way to start the weekend than a day of education mixed with fun and laughter? So don’t miss the grand opening of Mutubtub and break a habit.

Check out the soft opening post here!

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