Khan El Khalili

We stopped at Al Hussein Mosque for my dad to pray before we went into Khan El Khalili Bazaar.

Khan El Khalili is a must shop stop for anyone visiting Cairo!

Built back in 1382 by Emr Djaharks El Khalili in the Fatimid City, Khan El Khalili used to be Turkish bazaar/Souk back during the Ottoman period. The name “Khan” is given because of the caravansary style shops!

Today, aside of the many shops, there are many coffee shops too (I will be Reviewing Naguib Mahfouz and El Fishawy in the upcoming Cairo posts).

Also, there is a new extension to the market – an air conditioned three story shopping center… but I really prefer the old traditional one in that area

Keep in mind that when you go to Khan El Khalili it’s completely crammed with tourists and shoppers! Its also infamous for pick-pockets. Also, you have to be patient… patient with shop vendors! Be prepared to bargain hard with when buying! Always ask for the 1/4th of the price given and go from there!

Lots of souvenirs, rugs, scarves, accessories (silver), antiques, perfume oils/bottles, and more… Much much more 😉

3 responses to “Khan El Khalili

  1. Yalahwi! This is where I lost Azoz! Did you go to Najeeb Mahfooz Cafe? It is amazing. The pics are amazing!

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