10 responses to “Seriously?

  1. This is just tooooo funny.. 😀 😀 😀 😀

  2. LOL!!! ya rabi ma ye6ofhom 6ayef!!! You know this is what I like about them…they are hilarious!

    El daina9or 7adretek be6alla3 naar!!

  4. لوووووووووووووووول

    تحفه يا انسام 😛

    لازم نحط سكاكين تحت الفراش كااااااااااااااااك

    ولا الثانية قريته بالجريده..

  5. LOOL Hilarious !!! i keep on re-playing the video haha ;p

  6. shaklhum ysta3b6on 3alaiha lol mo ma3qol they were serious! Aham shay they went from dinosaurs to dragons lol

  7. b6ala3 naar !! m9ari ts2lina 3an shai oo ygolch ma y3rfa ! hatha shai mosta7il ;p

  8. Me and Her watched most episodes yesterday. Funny !

  9. الشعب المصرى شعب طيب وما ودهم يضيقون خلق احد


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