Spotted: Christian Louboutin at Salhiya Complex

Seems like its shopping day for Mr. Louboutin 😉 My friend Ruby spotted him in Salhiya, and he also signed her sister’s shoebox 😉

“Pour Rohan (supposed to be Rawan) – Don’t touch.. It is Rohan’s Shoes! ❤ XLouboutin”


5 responses to “Spotted: Christian Louboutin at Salhiya Complex

  1. Ye7lela 😉

  2. 9ar where is wally!! loooooooooooooooooooool wanaaasaaa!!

  3. shakla 7anoon ya7laila

  4. christian laboutan shop mawjod be9al7eya?

  5. That’s soooo cool! I hope he ended up picking Salhiya.. I still its the best place to open up a high-end designer boutique 😉

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