The Cake Shop

The very nice people at The Cake Shop sent me two elegant boxes of their bakery; their signature mini red velvet cake

With Ansam518 written on it 😉 The presentation was really nice, and the effort put into decorating it was good

I loved how it looked…

And the taste? It’s as good as it looks! The velvety red cake covered with white cheese frosting with red icing decoration and sprinkle of red sparkling sugar… nice work 😉  A mini piece of art

The other box contained banana, caramel and chocolate chip brownies, and chocolate woopie pies 😉

I would have preferred plain brownies though 😉 and smaller size woopie pies  – they were kinda big and I was really stuffed afterwards…

Out of all the items I tried from The Cake Shop, I liked the red velvet cake the best.

The Cake Shop is located in Al Shaab Al Bahri – Block 8 – on Ibn Alkhateeb St and their telephone number is 66199354 – You can also place orders directly through their website (link)

THANK YOU GUYS 😀 And thank you Essa 😉

7 responses to “The Cake Shop

  1. nice cake from out but its over redddddddddddddddddd

  2. ma sha Allah shakla 3jeeb!

  3. The place serves the best made to order cakes ….keep up the good work guys

  4. Yeah they got some real good stuff there. The presentation is also excellent.


  6. i had the carrot cake last week and it was sooooo delecious… going to try the rest …and highly recommended…two thumbs up

  7. looks like it tastes good but the decorating could use some work … kinda messy

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